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A 5th edition liveplay  D&D podcast


Mintar - A frontier town.


A young girl goes missing and a rag tag gang of misfits are on the trail. What they find will not only change all of their lives, but the entire fabric of creation as they know it. Far more than a few weirdos rolling dice and killing goblins - True Crit is epic storytelling, classic banter and a whole heap of fun.


Inspired by Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, True Crit is a fast paced, role playing adventure mixing improvisation, D&D and a whole heap of bad jokes.



Starring a cast of wonderful Australian actors including Aaron Tsindos (Spin Out), Samantha Young (Ash Vs Evil Dead), Challito Browne (We Got Him), Gabriel Fancourt (Project ABC), Tel Benjamin (Granny) and Patrick Cullen (Harrow) as your intrepid band of adventurers! New episodes each week starting in May 2018