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A 5th edition liveplay  D&D podcast

Corona virus. COVID-19

It's sweeping the globe and the only thing we can really do as the general public is sit, and wait. Alone. Inside. and hope that it all just passes over without too much destruction. At the same time there is this lingering feeling that we should be doing more with our time, finally writing the great Australian novel or learning to speak Spanish or perhaps it's time to get into watercolours? Whose to say.

Well the Iso-Cast is here to offer you human connection, great ideas of stuff to do while in lockdown and hopefully make you feel a little less alone. Just because you are self-isloating doesnt mean you have to feel isolated right?

With great guest hosts from all over Australia, the Iso-Cast is a fun, engaging comedic podcast full of ideas for isolated times. Check it out and wash your hands!


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