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Scripted Work

Patrick has been working on a variety of film, television and commercial projects across Sydney. Click the links to view more about each project

Diamond Jack (2023)

Type: 8 x 45 Min Series

Director: Ben C. Lucas Writer: Patrick Cullen and Ben C. Lucas

Producer: Brooke Thomas, Patrick Cullen

Mentor: Michael McMahon

Genre: Adventure/comedy

Status: In development - Pilot complete

Based on the incredible untold story of the Broome diamond mystery, Diamond Jack is an 8x45 minute adventure/comedy series with a completed pilot thanks to Screenwest. During the Japanese assault on Broome in 1942, aspiring con-woman Essie Jenkins must recover 30 million dollars in missing diamonds before a host of greedy rivals get them first.


Based on the an incredible true story with rights purchased for the two books on the topic The Flight of Diamonds and The Diamond Dakota Mystery.  We have a pitch deck and pilot available upon request.


Leaf Litter (2022)

Type: Short

Director: Michael McStay Writer: Michael McStay

Producer: Patrick Cullen, Charlie Falkner, Sasha Dyer, Michael McStay

Genre:  Black Comedy

Status:  Post Production

A young nurse moves into a new quiet apartment, looking forward to finally getting some sleep off nightshift but his neighbours and the maintenance staff continue to ruin his life. How far will he go to get a good days rest? 


BUG (2021)

Type: Short

Director: David Burrowes Writer: David Burrowes

Producer: Joel Hagen, Patrick Cullen, Emma Diaz, Indiana Kwong

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Status:  Complete - in festivals

A thrilling, ambitious horror about a mother’s escape from an unsafe home. Featuring an all BIPOC cast and created by a diverse team of emerging Aussie filmmakers, Bug will get under your skin.

Screener available upon request

Bug Poster Portrait -R (1).png

Revolt (2020)

Type: Short

Director: David Burrowes Writer: David Burrowes

Producer: Joel Hagen, Lucy Rennick, Patrick Cullen

Genre: Comedy

Status: Distributed

When a disgruntled climate activist bumps into the CEO of a massive oil conglomerate in her local coffee shop she recognises that this is her big shot to finally DO something about the end of the world. Flickerfest Official Selection 2021


Studio Nocturnal

From 2023 onwards, all Patrick's scripted projects will be done through his new venture STUDIO NOCTURNAL. Founded with David Burrowes, Joel Hagen and Indiana Kwong, Studio Nocturnal aims to bring auteur-driven, ambitious, elevated genre films to Australian and international audiences.

Two features currently in the works are a one-shot horror film entitled Cursed and a black comedy called The Old Gods EP'd by Janelle Landers. Click the link below to learn more.

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