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Ginger Snap Productions started as a Podcast creator back in 2017 with Two For None. Two For None is still our highest rating show, nearing 10k downloads at the end of 2021. With Sydney in lockdown, we also started the highly successful program, The Iso-Cast. We pride ourselves on making engaging, dynamic podcasts that bring a little laughter to the world.

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Two For None

A Cricket Comedy Podcast

Two For None started as a way for Patrick and Chris to talk nonsense about cricket and has expanded into a network of correspondents all over globe contributing to a cricket show that is international good times.

The Iso-Cast

An Isolation Advice Podcast

Lockdown sucks, COVID sucks but being alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely! Patrick connects with actors, writers and all around legends to see how they are coping in lockdown and what advice they have on getting through the weirdness of 2020 and 2021

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Babylon (2)_edited.jpg


A fictional true crime podcast

Storm Weston goes missing and Mike an aspiring investigative reporter smells the story of a lifetime. What he finds instead will shock him to his bones. Currently in development

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